“Loved this book. Justine’s voice is genuine, her emotions real. This is a guidebook for change written by someone who has travelled the road already. Lonely Planet for the soul.”


Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or dissatisfied?

Are you looking to live a happy and contented life?

If so, this is the happiness handbook you’ll wish you read years ago!

Start Being Happy! Proven Practices for a Joyful Life is your step by step guide to living a happier life.

Delivering ancient wisdom via a modern, engaging dialogue, this book comes from the heart and reflects a truly life changing philosophy.

This personal and practical guide will quickly capture your attention and interest, showing you surprisingly unique yet strong steps towards improving the quality of your daily life. Super easy to read, the techniques are summarised in short, easily accessible chapters so you can pick the book up and peruse whatever chapter is most pertinent in any given moment.

Start Being Happy! Proven Practices for a Joyful Life empowers us to create positive and permanent change in our lives.


It is a wonderful book. Warm, compassionate, raw, personal, honest, thoughtful and, most of all, helpful – written in a most accessible way, so the reader is caught up with the ideas and the practical advice, without being distracted by lengthy theoretical explanations.

Dr Paul Power, PhD ─ Richmond, Australia

I’ve read the first 24 pages and so far I’m hooked, it’s like you’re reading my mind!

Jude Darminin ─ South Yarra, Australia

I just finished reading the book and absolutely loved it! It is beautifully written and so enlightening. I’m going to start practicing all the techniques today! I think the book will be life-changing for a lot of people – including me

Bridget Fernando ─ Glen Iris, Australia

I finished the book last night – it is simply great, and greatly simple. It’s so accessible and the logic and sequence made it a page turner!

Bernadette Ryan ─ Southbank, Australia

It is brilliant. I love the clarity and honesty of her amazing journey. This is such a wise yet unpretentious guide. I am looking forward to purchasing a number of copies to share with my family.

Julie Butcher ─ Albert Park, Australia

WOW! You should be so proud of this book. It is so insightful, honest and relatable. Have read many self-help books that go into way too much detail, this is the perfect amount of information with great options for people to delve further if they wish. Bravo!!!!”

Cynthia Capp ─ Toorak, Australia
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