7 Happiness tips for today!

7 Happiness tips for today!

I’m a big fan of the Borough Kings’ Instagram page because they’re eternally optimistic with a bit of attitude.

They say what they believe without worrying about how it will be received which is a fantastic way to live but it takes awareness and discipline!

Even after twelve years of constant practice I still catch myself worrying about what others will think of me – am I thin enough? Am I interesting enough? Am I attractive enough? Am I good enough?

But the moment I notice myself paying attention to these thoughts I pull my energy back and remind myself that there’s no-one else in the world quite like me – and for that reason alone I am precious. No-one else has my soul essence. No-one else has the same soul purpose.

More importantly, I remind myself that I am not my body, I am not my thoughts, I am not even my feelings even though they work hard to convince me otherwise!!

We are all aspects of Source energy, of Divine energy, worthy of respect and love and real joy comes when we can look to ourselves for affirmation, for genuine, heart-felt acknowledgement that we are enough – because the world won’t always give it to us. And their opinion is actually none of our business. We’ve got no control over what the world says or thinks about us. Our only business is how we nurture and talk to ourselves.

So, in the spirit of self-love and joy, here are today’s happiness tips from the Borough Kings:

  1. Don’t listen to gossip
  2. Ignore what people say about you
  3. Design your own life
  4. Look for the good in every situation
  5. Develop an attitude of gratitude
  6. Laugh more
  7. Once it’s past, let it go (more on forgiveness soon).

See Start Being Happy for more support and advice and have a great day! Jx

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