Get out there

Get out there!

Steve Jobs was famous for his black and white comments and this one is no different. While I don’t entirely agree with him, I think he’s got a valid point. Job’s assertion that we just need diverse experiences to feed our inner muse piqued my interest for a number of reasons – the main one […]

Learning from the Maste

Learning from the Master

As we all know, travel brings out the best and worst in human nature, so as I embarked on a grueling week-long trip of super early morning starts and long days with my client, I wondered if we would still be enjoying each other’s company at the end of the trip as much as we […]

hell no

Hell no!!!!

You know that feeling when you hit SEND on a confidential email and then realise it’s gone to the wrong person?? I’m embarrassed to admit it happened to me today and I’m still recovering. As the enormity of my error hit home, I felt that sickening feeling in the stomach, followed by a rush of […]

Five ways to stay balanced in a busy world!

Five ways to stay balanced in a busy world!

Constant connection has some wonderful advantages – think immediate information at our fingertips, Netflix and online shopping – but it also means we’re ‘on’ all the time which puts our body into a state of constant alert unless we develop strategies to consciously bring ourselves back into a state of balance. Even if we’re not […]

Why Spontaneity increases our happiness!

Why Spontaneity increases our happiness!

“Go on, stay the night!” urged my girlfriend. I’d popped over for an early dinner but three hours later we were still chatting and enjoying a bottle of wine. “I can’t! I haven’t got a tooth brush, no fresh clothes, no skin care and I’ve got work to do tomorrow!” “Doesn’t matter, I’ve got all […]

Learn to play games

Learn to play games – it reduces stress and increases satisfaction!

Many of you will have heard of Siimon Reynolds, legendary Australian advertising guru turned business coach. As mentor to many of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Reynolds has some powerful insights into how to reduce stress and create rich, meaningful lives. Accordingly, he’s got some great recommendations for when we’re feeling overwhelmed, particularly in the work […]

7 Happiness tips for today!

7 Happiness tips for today!

I’m a big fan of the Borough Kings’ Instagram page because they’re eternally optimistic with a bit of attitude. They say what they believe without worrying about how it will be received which is a fantastic way to live but it takes awareness and discipline! Even after twelve years of constant practice I still catch […]

Ten habits of popular people

Ten habits of popular people

We’ve all been in a room with those magnetic people who can magically draw a crowd. People who may not be particularly attractive, smart or witty – but they exude the magic quality best described as charisma and we want to be close to them, to connect with them. I’ll never forget meeting Sam Worthington […]

Top 5 Reasons To Smile

Top 5 Reasons to smile every day!

It’s been proven that our body language is intrinsically linked with our mood so it makes sense to smile, even if we’re not feeling happy.  Sure, we may feel a little strange when we first begin this practice but these five benefits of smiling are well worth it! Smiling reduces physical and emotional stress by […]

5 Steps To Optimism

Learn the five steps to optimism!

Optimists enjoy greater health and well-being but what happens if we’re a glass half full type of person? The good news is we can change! Have a look at the three key differences between optimists and pessimists below: Optimists see set-backs as only temporary. Pessimists believe adversity is permanent and joy is fleeting. Optimists mentally […]

A Word A Day Can Change Everything

A word a day can change everything!

My husband is a huge fan of, not just for the eternally optimistic editorial but for the new words and soul expanding ideas he finds there. Last week’s word was “sonder” which is defined in the Urban Dictionary as the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as […]

Six big questions to ask yourself today!

Six big questions to ask yourself today!

I love reading or watching interviews with the modern day thought leaders – think Brene Brown, Oprah, Marie Forleo – they inspire me to think bigger and be bolder every time. They communicate their experiences and their knowledge to us with such poise and I marvel at their unwavering self-assurance. Where do they find their […]

Seven ways to be your own best friend

Seven ways to be your own best friend

My sister keeps me updated on the trials and tribulations of her children, most recently her daughter’s devastation at being the odd one out in her group of three girlfriends – always a recipe for heartache! I was amazed at how quickly I identified with her daughter’s loneliness and the pain that comes with individuation […]

It’s a Blue Day

It’s a Blue Day

This morning I woke up feeling out of sorts. Looking for something to snap me out of it, I thought of Tony Robbins who believes emotion is created by motion and that by changing what our bodies are doing, we can alter our brain chemistry and lift our mood. Robbins recommends taking notice of what […]

Judging Others Happiness

Who am I to judge?

One of my least attractive traits – which I’m trying to improve upon – is that I can be quick to judge people’s behaviour. I tend to label it right or wrong, good or bad, according to my map of the world. But who made me the expert? Why do I think my way is […]

Happiness Sign

It’s a sign!

Start Being Happy is a practical roadmap to happiness so I thought this sign, which was right outside our back gate this week, was a perfect photo opportunity! The reference to the side road reminded me of M Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Travelled, which advocates confronting and consequently solving problems, rather than avoiding […]

Richard Branson Happiness

Find your Passion!

I love Richard Branson, he’s the eternal optimist with a permanent smile on his face and he always looks like he’s genuinely enjoying himself. Sure, happiness might come more easily for Branson now that he doesn’t have to worry about money and mortgage repayments but I like his point that happiness is a habit we […]

Lovers Hold Hands

The Lovers

She was wearing the most gorgeous red swimsuit, sitting beside her husband and obviously very in love with him. They were on the beach and I watched as she tenderly applied sunscreen to his face before they went for a swim. They held hands as they watched the surf and talked quietly, every so often […]

Empowerment Happiness

Why do we give our power away?

My friend’s 13 year old daughter was thrilled to be wearing a brand new handbag she’d received for Christmas. That was until she ran into her school friends at the local supermarket pool and they sniggered at the new accessory, deeming it uncool. She removed the bag from her shoulder immediately and asked her mother […]

Start Being Happy

When freedom becomes a trap!

Today I was walking along a deserted strip of Queensland beach and it was one of those perfect days – bright blue sky, no wind, no people, perfect water and air temperature. My husband and son were flying home to Melbourne so I could relinquish all sense of responsibility and I felt an incredible sense […]