Five ways to stay balanced in a busy world!

Five ways to stay balanced in a busy world!

Constant connection has some wonderful advantages – think immediate information at our fingertips, Netflix and online shopping – but it also means we’re ‘on’ all the time which puts our body into a state of constant alert unless we develop strategies to consciously bring ourselves back into a state of balance.

Even if we’re not constantly attached to our devices, life just seems to have gotten busier which is great as long as we remember that our bodies and minds still need some down time so try one of the following five tips when you need to opt out for a bit:

  1. Spend time with people who matter. They’re genuinely interested in our well-being and they help us put life, and what’s important, into perspective.
  2. Switch to right brain activity at least once a day. Literally turn off the phone, laptop and any other devices so you have some valuable time out to watch a funny movie, do some colouring in, talk to a friend, do some cooking or complete a jigsaw – anything that takes you away from your work, your worries and technology.
  3. Go to a quiet place, ideally with your bare feet on the ground, and literally breathe deeply until your equilibrium is restored.
  4. Exercise. Not only is it vital for our physical health, it improves our mental health and clarity.
  5. Practice staying in the present. Our minds will always be busy replaying the past or anticipating the future so find time every day, a couple of times if possible, to just observe the mind. Allow the thoughts to come in and out without following them or giving them any emotional energy and gradually the space between thoughts becomes longer and we start to drop into the essence of who we truly are.

It sounds counter-intuitive to schedule in yet another commitment to our busy lives but making a date every day to balance ourselves is a building block to a balanced and happy life.

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