Get out there

Get out there!

Steve Jobs was famous for his black and white comments and this one is no different. While I don’t entirely agree with him, I think he’s got a valid point.

Job’s assertion that we just need diverse experiences to feed our inner muse piqued my interest for a number of reasons – the main one being that it’s so easy to get into a familiar routine or rhythm where any precious spare time is spent playing catch up on our friendships or our house work that we forget to explore this magnificent world.

But if we really want to open up our minds, and our hearts, it helps to get outside our self-imposed boxes and start seeking new experiences.

Not every new experience will be a winner, some will be awful – as my husband, Simon, will attest when we tried catching the train down to Geelong last Saturday, rather than drive. I thought we could relax, chat and enjoy the scenery, rather than navigate the busy Melbourne Geelong freeway, however the reality was a different story!

The train was so packed we couldn’t get a seat for the 1.5 hour journey, passengers were simultaneously eating and trying to hang on so there was food going everywhere and the toilets were filthy, but I’ll never forget it because I couldn’t stop laughing at how wrong I’d got it.

And I could see Simon, who is perfect happy inside his comfort zone and hadn’t been keen on the idea from the outset, was appalled by the whole experience which made it all the funnier.

And that’s often the way as we navigate this dualistic life. Some moments are just hideous but we can’t stop exploring for fear we’ll get it wrong (like I did). Some experiences will be awful and we’d never want to relive them but they make up the fabric of our lives and our memories. Better still, they give us a rich source of material and ideas to draw upon.

That being said, I hope your new experiences are good ones! Jx

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