Holy how?

Holy how?

This week, Mike Radparvar of referenced the following quote from the film, Waking Life, which really resonated with me:

“This moment, it’s holy. But we walk around like it’s not holy.”

It’s easy to be conscious of a sacred moment when it’s blowing our hair back with its beauty or its joy or its magnificence, or when we are in the presence of something that is so awe-inspiring that we physically catch our breath.

But what about the mundane moments and minutes that make up our days, which constitute our lives? How do we stop ourselves getting so caught up in the routine and ‘busyness’ of life that we forget the miracle that is life? How do we remain conscious and grateful of the fact, even in the midst of the most awful day, that we have chosen our journey and that is precious in itself?

Yes, I know it’s clichéd (and maybe irritating), but in my experience the happiest people are the most present people – the individuals who find time in their day to stop and appreciate the first warm breeze of spring, the taste of a good coffee, the sound of their friend’s laughter, the loving attention of their pet or the feel of someone hugging them.

And goodness knows I’m no expert on being present! It really does take practice and discipline, so for those of you with minds that tend to run away with you, as mine does, I find it helpful to put on some gentle music and as I listen, I just let my focus softly settle on where I’m feeling the music in my body.

It’s a gentle practice that, over time, develops our ability to be present – to drop out of our busy minds and into a state of quiet awareness which is where we always find the sacred moments.

Love to you all, Justine

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