How to stay happy and balanced when life is constantly changing!

How to stay happy and balanced when life is constantly changing!

Unless we’re truly committed to our spiritual path, it’s human nature to become less vigilant about meditation and mindfulness when life is going well for us. When we’re happy and satisfied it’s easy to become a little complacent, to skip our meditation or journaling or the practices that keep us balanced, and just enjoy the flow that we’re in.

However if we’re looking for the joy that remains even if our life circumstances change, it’s essential to tune into our souls on a daily, even hourly, basis.

In doing so, we’re reminding ourselves that life is constantly changing – as are our thoughts and feelings – and the only thing that doesn’t change is our essence, our spirit.

By strengthening our awareness of our soul on a regular basis, we’re building our spiritual muscle which keeps us balanced when everything seems to go wrong. We learn to tap into the wisdom and strength of our soul that is always present.

So, how we do we tap into our soul? For those of us who find it difficult to meditate or still our minds, it’s a helpful practice to sit quietly and just imagine that our true nature, our soul, is a clear, blue sky – always there, always the same, always wide and open. And our thoughts and feelings are the clouds that float along – always changing shape and texture and never permanent.

By doing this visualization regularly, it becomes second nature to recall it during times of stress or difficulty. We immediately remember that our thoughts and feelings are transient, they’ll always change and eventually pass through so we don’t need to attach to much importance to them.

We remember that our true nature is the huge, expansive, clear blue sky that never changes so whenever life starts pulling us into anger, grief or disturbance of any kind, we can just take ourselves back to that blue space in our minds.

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