Learn how micro-shifts are the key to major change!

Learn how micro-shifts are the key to major change!

Why do some people seem to fit so much into their lives, and enjoy huge success, when some of us struggle to create the lives we want? Why does positive change come easily for some people but not for others?

The secret might be in micro changes – tiny changes that we consciously make every day to bring about bigger changes.

Losing weight is a great example. The thought of losing five or ten kilos can be daunting but we don’t have to jump on a low-kilojule diet and exercise madly to lose it all in a month. We can make micro-changes every day and lose a kilo a week.

We can stop taking sugar in our tea. Rather than eating a whole block of chocolate every afternoon, we can just eat half. We can aim walk 15,000 steps daily and take the stairs rather than the lift. We can get up 15 minutes earlier and do one of the millions of exercise routines available on YouTube.

This is just one example of how a big challenge can become manageable, sustainable change.

If your relationship is the issue and you’re just not on the same path as your partner, practice doing one small, nice thing for him or her daily. Your partner may not thank you for it, or even notice it, but the fact you’re taking a small step every day to create a more loving relationship is what matters.

If you’re looking to become more confident, practice taking a small step outside your comfort zone every day – start up a short conversation with a stranger at the supermarket, sing out loud when you’re walking down the street, dance in front of a mirror – anything that might make you a little embarrassed but you’ll soon learn that you’re fine and you can do it.

If you’re looking to create a more meaningful life, get into the habit of finding an inspirational quote every day that you can aspire to. Stick it on your laptop for the day as a reminder of what your long term goal is.

When we take small steps with positive intention, every day – the results can be amazing.


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