Learn to play games

Learn to play games – it reduces stress and increases satisfaction!

Many of you will have heard of Siimon Reynolds, legendary Australian advertising guru turned business coach. As mentor to many of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Reynolds has some powerful insights into how to reduce stress and create rich, meaningful lives.

Accordingly, he’s got some great recommendations for when we’re feeling overwhelmed, particularly in the work place.

Reynolds suggests that we typically fall into one of two mindsets. The first is the War Mindset where we perceive everything as a battle or a struggle. We’re always on edge. We anticipate conflict or discord which creates huge amounts of stress – not just for us but for our colleagues as well.

Or, there’s the Game Mindset. The game mindset is adopted by high flyers who take their jobs seriously but rather than struggle through the day, they see their career as a fantastic game where they’re competing for excellence. They enjoy the process of achieving and the challenges of problem solving – and it’s a strategy we can all apply to everyday life!

Much like optimists, people with a Game Mindset have developed the skill of re-framing. Instead of expecting or assuming the worst of a person or situation, Gamers follow these four rules:

  1. They don’t take anything personally. They correctly assume that other people’s poor behaviour is not their problem and they don’t waste time worrying about other people’s opinions;
  2. They consider difficulties or challenges from above – with the vantage point of distance – rather than within;
  3. They trust there is always a solution to any problem;
  4. They’re persistent – they look until they find it.

Learning to catch our negative thoughts or perceptions and lift ourselves into the Game Mindset takes self-awareness and practice but the results, including dramatically increased levels of satisfaction with our life experience, are worth it!

For more on reframing, grab a copy of Start Being Happy.

Love to you all! Jxx

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