Six big questions to ask yourself today!

Six big questions to ask yourself today!

I love reading or watching interviews with the modern day thought leaders – think Brene Brown, Oprah, Marie Forleo – they inspire me to think bigger and be bolder every time. They communicate their experiences and their knowledge to us with such poise and I marvel at their unwavering self-assurance.

Where do they find their unfaltering faith in what they are sharing with us?  Where do they find the motivation to practice and present their message their time and again? How do they become so articulate and so enthusiastic?

After watching numerous TED talks, Oprah Soul Sessions and other similar forums, I’ve got a few thoughts.

Firstly, the people creating change in the world have a genuine passion for their chosen subject.  They really believe in what their personal message and they’re confident of their place within the world around them. This unshakeable belief in their role gives them a strong sense of purpose which anchors them and gives their life genuine meaning.

These modern day masters are genuinely living their truth and it energises them, it inspires them to keep practicing what they preach and they love it.

To figure out where we fit into the world, it’s worth asking ourselves:

  1. Do I have a sense of purpose each day?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. Whatexcites me and motivates me to strive?
  4. Am I communicating positive messages – both to myself and to the world around me?
  5. Are my life choices aligned with my sense of purpose?
  6. Are my life choices congruent with my values and passion?

If not, we need to change things up.  It’s not always easy but if we show up every day and spend some time doing what we love, or creating the space to figure out what we love doing, then we’re on our way to genuine fulfilment which is where we find joy!

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