Kindness that costs

Michael Lloyd-White, CEO of World Kindness USA, explores the definition of kindness in his upcoming TEDx talk, and it got me thinking. Lloyd-White dismisses the acts of kindness we might perform for friends and loved ones because they don’t push us out of our comfort zone. Instead, he challenges us to find the time and […]

Get out there

Get out there!

Steve Jobs was famous for his black and white comments and this one is no different. While I don’t entirely agree with him, I think he’s got a valid point. Job’s assertion that we just need diverse experiences to feed our inner muse piqued my interest for a number of reasons – the main one […]

greatest influence on our happiness

What factor has the greatest influence on our happiness?

Happiness and longevity expert, Dan Buettner, believes we have 50{65e5487b211cf7ed4b44543b61236e65506c2f3f62435269e537cb300d740bc2} control over our happiness and the rest is genetics. So to maximise this variable 50{65e5487b211cf7ed4b44543b61236e65506c2f3f62435269e537cb300d740bc2}, we need to shape our environment by addressing the key external influences on happiness levels: food, shelter, education (ideally tertiary), satisfying work, committed relationship and giving back. And believe it […]