Ten habits of popular people

Ten habits of popular people

We’ve all been in a room with those magnetic people who can magically draw a crowd. People who may not be particularly attractive, smart or witty – but they exude the magic quality best described as charisma and we want to be close to them, to connect with them.

I’ll never forget meeting Sam Worthington with Samuel (my son) and Simon (my husband). Before we met him, we had only heard the negative press reports and had low expectations but the moment we were in his presence we were all besotted!

He was so present with us, even though he was exhausted and jet lagged, and he was so genuinely interested in our son. He left a lasting impression on me that I’m sure I’ll carry into old age and he got me thinking about what popular people have in common so I did some research.

According to Inc., the ten habits of popular people are:

  1. They remember names which creates a sense of connection and fosters feelings of recognition and appreciation.
  2. They actively listen – rather than focusing on their own story or opinion, they are interested and empathetic.
  3. They’re good communicators – they speak respectfully in moderate tones, rather than harshly or loudly.
  4. They have a positive attitude. Even on their bad days they focus on, and express gratitude for, the positive things in life.
  5. They use failure as a learning curve. They understand failure is an inherent part of existence and they accept it as a tool for learning, rather than blame.
  6. They are patient. As a result, they are tolerant in situations that trigger frustration and anger in others.
  7. They are genuine and open. They are sincere in their intentions and communication and they are open-minded and willing to explore ideas and opinions that differ from theirs.
  8. They do not judge others. They practice kindness and do not criticize others. If asked, they will offer constructive suggestions, rather than damaging feedback.
  9. They extend themselves. They go the extra mile that others don’t, whether it’s contributing more in a social environment or accepting more responsibility professionally.
  10. They enjoy the ride. They understand life is not a race, not a goal to be reached, but an experience to be savoured and enjoyed.

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