Lovers Hold Hands

The Lovers

She was wearing the most gorgeous red swimsuit, sitting beside her husband and obviously very in love with him.

They were on the beach and I watched as she tenderly applied sunscreen to his face before they went for a swim.

They held hands as they watched the surf and talked quietly, every so often touching each other, stroking each other’s arm.

Then they got up and I watched how stiffly they moved towards the water, holding and supporting each other. Both of them would have been at least 70 years old and it was a potent reminder that love is a decision; a conscious decision that needs to be re-made every day.

I don’t know this couple’s story but no doubt they may have faced the trials and tribulations we all face in relationship.

Watching them be so kind to each other was a reminder to drop out of my head when I’m judging my husband for not thinking or acting the same way I do and appreciating him for all the things he is, and I’m not.

They reminded me of how important it is to forgive, especially the small things that build up and create resentment in relationships.  But what if we’ve reached the stage when we feel that forgiveness is beyond us?

It’s going to sound too good to be true but there is a solution.  It’s super simple – only four short lines – and it works. It’s called the Ho’oponopono prayer which originated in Hawaii and is now making its way into mass consciousness because it’s such an effective tool for healing discord in ourselves and our relationships.  For more information see or Chapter 12 of Start Being Happy for more on the Ho’oponopono and other practice forgiveness techniques.

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