Two practices for creating a quiet mind

Two practices for creating a quiet mind

I was up at my favourite writing place on the Sunshine Coast a couple of weeks ago and as I was walking along the beach, I saw six parachute gliders who were gently wafting around in the thermals above me – there was no rush, there was no destination they had to reach, they were simply suspended over the beach and enjoying the view below.

As I watched them I was reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s wonderful description of consciousness, or presence, as being “the space between thoughts”.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day dramas, and even in our joy, that we forget that we are not our thoughts and we are not our feelings.

We just get used to paying them lots of attention so we think that’s who we are – but our thoughts and feelings are always changing.

Our true essence, our spirit, is unchangeable and it is always present and it is available to us – just as the space between thoughts is always there.

And to create a peaceful and meaningful life, all we need to do tune in to our spirit regularly!

Here’s two suggestions to tap into your soul essence*:

  1. Regularly imagine your real self (your soul or I Am presence) is a huge movie screen – blank, solid, and unchangeable – and see your thoughts as just images that flicker across that screen. These images can’t hurt or change the screen, they just bounce along it for a moment and then they’re gone.Our thoughts are the same – just little distractions that bounce through our minds for a while and we can let them be there without following them.The more often we practice this technique, the better we become at remembering not to identify with negative thoughts and emotion and just sitting in the quiet space of our spirit – the solid, blank screen that is always present.
  2. Sit quietly, close your eyes and imagine you’re walking into a room and leaving your thoughts and feelings outside the door. Whenever you notice your thoughts tumbling in, just gently place them outside the door again until you’re ready to pick up and move on with your day.You may only be able to do this for 30 seconds to begin with but with practice you’ll become better at creating this space for yourself and remembering not to attach to the drama our minds love to create!

The more often we can access the stillness within, the more balanced we become!

See Start Being Happy for more useful tips and have a great day! Jx
*Courtesy of Mooji TV

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