Use the world as your mirror to improve your life!

Use the world as your mirror and see what’s working for you, and what’s not!

One of my sisters and I were recently really upset with each other after a miscommunication.  Needless to say, it’s because we love each other so dearly that we can also push each other’s buttons so effectively!

But back to the story. I was feeling hurt and furious in equal parts so I asked myself what the bottom line was, why was I so upset?

The truth is I was offended that she challenged my recollection of a past event and I felt criticized accordingly.   Given that the world is our mirror and will always reflect our own behaviour back to us, I asked myself how I was challenging myself. Where was I being hard on myself or invalidating myself.

Once I started paying attention and asking myself these questions it became very evident that I was feeling very anxious about my book launch. I was worried about how the book would be received by the world at large and I was nervous about standing up in public and saying “this is what I believe in”.

My inner saboteur was having a field day with me, demanding to know “Who do you think you are writing a book?” “What would you know about teaching people how to be happy?” “Who made you the expert on happiness?”

It’s so easy to be upset or angry with the people or situations that push our buttons but they truly are the biggest gift we’ll ever receive if we will only stop the blame game and ask what they are reflecting back to us.

It’s only by taking responsibility for ourselves – by taking note of how we talk to or treat ourselves – that we stop being the victim and create positive change in our lives.

The world will always show us what we need to know if only we will pay attention! For more on the mirror, see Start Being Happy now!

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