Judging Others Happiness

Who am I to judge?

One of my least attractive traits – which I’m trying to improve upon – is that I can be quick to judge people’s behaviour. I tend to label it right or wrong, good or bad, according to my map of the world.

But who made me the expert? Why do I think my way is the right way? Because my belief systems tell me so.

We all grow up with beliefs and patterns that influence the way we live and view the world.

We absorb these belief systems from our parents, our teachers, the media, religion and pop culture so they vary from person to person and they can conflict with those around us.

For me, I’ve learnt the best way to stop judging others is to take notice of when I’m reacting to someone else’s way of behaving or communicating. Then I try to remind myself that they have formed their own unique view of the world and I have no right to assume my way is the best way.

It sounds like a very simple thing to do, and it is. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Our ego always wants to be right and it takes discipline to remember that we’re all entitled to our own belief systems.

Start Being Happy helps us evaluate our belief systems, which ones are serving us and which ones we could do without, and it offers suggestions on how to dissolve the ones we no longer want to be bound by.

Like mastering any skill, it takes a bit of practice.  But once our ego is back in its box then it’s much easier to drop into the awareness that we’re all part of this one world and each of us is worthy of acceptance and respect. Imagine what a tolerant world we could create!

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